The Berghof

Holiday Service


W-LAN Internet Hotspot free of charge and around the clock

Room Cleaning every day - Laundry Service within 24 hours
Airport-Pickup for only 500 Baht per trip (4 persons incl.)

Scooters + Motorbikes+ Cars and Jeeps for Rent

Custom Tailor in Lamai for Ladies and Gentlemen
Thai- and International Cuisine at our Berghof Restaurant



Samui - Wallow in Pleasure

Book here: Island Tours, Day-Trips, Sport and Amusement

Anthong Marine National Park

Snorkelling and Canoe Tours


Visit a real Crocodile Farm

Elephant Trekking in the hills


Exotic animals in the Safari Park

An adventure ride across Samui


Dive instructions at our resort

...and a breathtaking nightlife!


For booking please contact our General Manager Sam Gruber