The Berghof-touch: feel like home, just better!

We offer five single POOL-VILLAS which give you the feeling of staying in your own home. Each unit has 64 sqms including a huge living room with a small kitchen and a cute dining bar – with direct view into the garden and to the pool. Our bedrooms with timber wood furniture are a pleasure to sleep in, included cable-TV, air-condition and a private safe.
The three ROW HOUSES are equipped almost identically – also with separate bed- and living rooms – a big bathroom with hot shower and also cable-TV, air-condition and a private safe. The size of the row house is 54 sqms.

The BIG BERGHOF VILLA  -   Ground floor: big living room with TV, HiFi and DVD player, huge 
master bedroom with TV, huge kitchen - all with air-condition.

Top-floor: 1 big bedroom with beautiful terrace overlooking the whole resort, another bedroom
as guest-/or children’s room - all rooms air-conditioned and with separate TV, bathroom with
hot shower and toilet, sink in the top-floor, separate entrance.

…and last but not least: Our APARTMENT – just one nice bedroom with a small sitting-corner, wardrobe, of course air-con, cable-tv and a refrigerator. The bathroom is not big but adequate with toilet and hot shower. Size: 22 sqms.